Jeroen-Jegudiel Agaloos

Jeroen-Jegudiel Agaloos (he is affectionally known as Jegu) is t.Lab’s “Student of the Month.” Jegu joined t.Lab in December 2019. He is a highly interjected, multi-talented young man with great curiosity, discipline, and exceptional core academic skills, especially math! As a 6th-Grade Student, Jegu’s weekly regimen consists of rigorous academic development courses, character and leadership development sessions, technology training, and sports training as a Speedskater (both in ice-speed skating and in Roller skating) and a black belt Taekwondo player! Jegudiel’s potential and opportunities for success are limitless!

Jegu is a 6th-grade student at the Charyl Stockwell Academy Middle School in  Brighton, MI. He recently completed a rigorous battery of math assessment tests at the 6th and 7th-grade levels.  He mastered the 6th-grade math test and realized 80% mastery at the 7th-grade level. On November 12, 2021, Jegu was promoted to 8th-grade math as a 6th-grade student!    

Jegu is a fierce competitor; once he takes to a goal or purpose, he is driven to a successful completion.  He attributes his success in math to his coursework in school, t.Lab tutoring sessions, and his additional individual efforts using Khan Academy’s math programs.  His target goal is to realize 10th or 11th-grade math mastery byNovember 2022.  

Jegu’s favorite subjects are Math and Science. He participates in several athletic activities in his school. His dream is to become an engineer and entrepreneur.  

Jegudiel is humble, considerate, and selfless. He receives love, guidance, and active support in his personal and professional development from his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Agaloos. They reside in Brighton, Michigan, USA. Please join us in congratulating Jegudiel Agaloos as t.Lab’s student of the month!