Maxxwell Ghebre

Maxxwell is t.Lab’s “Student of the Quarter.” Maxxwell joined t.Lab in October 2021. He is a highly skilled and multi-talented young man with great curiosity, discipline, and exceptional core academic skills, especially math and science math.  As an  11th Grade Student, Maxxwell’s weekly regimen consists of rigorous academic development courses, character and leadership development sessions, technology training, and work at McDonalds!  Maxxwell’s potential and opportunities for success are limitless!

Maxxwell is an 11th-grade student at the University Detroit Jesuit High School in Detroit Michigan. He recently completed the ACT in April 2022. He realized a composite score of “24” including a 24 in English, 22 in Math, 26 in Reading, and a 25 in Science. This score places Maxxwell in the 75th percentile. Maxxwell has increased his composite ACT score by six points since November 2021 by collaborating with t.Lab tutors and coaches.    

Maxxwell is a fierce competitor; once he takes on a goal or purpose, he is driven to successful completion. He attributes his academic success to his parents, grandparents, coursework in school, and t.Lab development sessions. Maxxwell has realized certification in MOS Word, and Bloomberg Business Market Concepts. His target goals are to compete aggressively in Kettering University’s Pre-College AIM Program, increase his GPA, realize a composite ACT score of 36, and a full-ride scholarship to an outstanding engineering university.  

Maxxwell’s favorite subjects are Math and Science. He is an avid investor, having established a growth investment portfolio at the age of 12. His dream is to become an investment professional possibly a hedge fund manager or private equity professional. Maxxwell is fully engaged in personal, professional, and spiritual development. Maxxwell Ghebre is humble, considerate, and selfless. He receives love, guidance, and active support in his development from his mother, Mrs. Leslea McCargo-Edwards, and his grandparents, Attorney Samuel and Mrs. Mattie McCargo.  They reside in Metropolitan Detroit. Please join us in congratulating Maxxwell Ghebre as t.Lab’s student of the Quarter!