Toni Shoyinka

Miss Toni Shoyinka is t.Lab’s “Student of the Month.”  Miss Shoyinka joined t.Lab during the summer of 2012. She is a multi-talented leader with great intelligence, passion, and exceptional leadership capability.  As an 9th Grade Student, Toni realized a composite ACT score of “26” on the December 2018 examination.   This performance places her in the top 26%of all students in the US.  Toni’s potential and opportunities for success are limitless! She is a fierce competitor, once she takes to a goal or purpose, she is driven to a successful completion. Toni’s  immediate goals are to realize Top 1%performance on ACT and completing competency development programs at a top tier university including Stanford or Kettering University’s AIM program during the summers of 2019 and 2020.  

Toni’s favorite subjects are Japanese and English (she realized a score of 30 on ACT English), She plans on attendingStanford College in California, Her initial career choice is a psychologist who focuses on adolescents and domestic abuse victims. Toni participates in dance, and she is member of her school’s color guard. She plays the piano and is interested in other string instruments such as the ukulele. Toni is very passionate about issues pertaining to social justice.

Toni maintains a rigorous regimen, over the next years, she will continue pursuit of a complete a minimum composite ACT score of 33, attend a tier 1 college skill development program, and realize multiple computer skill certifications. A leader in t.Lab, Toni participates on the t.Lab’s “books for Africa” project. As well, she has agreed to be a writing contributor to t.Lab’s blog. Toni is humble, considerate, and selfless. She receives love, guidance, and active support in her personal and professional development from her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Shoyinka. They reside inMetropolitan Detroit.  Please join us in congratulating Miss Toni Shoyinka as t.Lab’s student of the month!