Kameron Finn

Mr. Kameron Finn is t.Lab’s “Student of the Month.”  Mr.Finn, is a gifted leader with exceptional intelligence, insight and leadership capacity. As a 10th Grade Student at Livonia Churchhill High School, Kameron realized a composite ACT score of “30.”  This performance places him in the top 5% of all students in the US.  His growth potential and opportunities for success are limitless! Kameron is a fierce competitor, once he takes to a goal or purpose, he is driven to a successful completion.  Kameron’s immediate goals are to realize Top 1% performance on ACT and SAT. He is fluent in German.  

Kameron’s favorite subjects are finance, history (AfricanAmerican), science and technology.  Kameron initial career choice is hedge fund management. He will attend a Tier 1 undergraduate and graduate university. His plans are to major in finance and computer science, while realizing dual bachelors degrees.  Immediately following completion of undergraduate school, Kameron will pursue a joint JD-MBA degree. During the summer of 2018, Kameron plans are to study finance at Stanford University while increasing investments in a micro-loan fund for female entrepreneurs inAfrica. 

Kameron realized the Bloomberg BMC Certificate, while attending training at theUniversity of Michigan’s Ross School of Business in November 2017. He is the beneficiary of a tremendous faith legacy. He is humble, considerate, and selfless. Kameron Finn receives love, guidance, and active support in his personal and professional development from his parents, Mr. Kwame Finn and Ms. Alexis Davenport. They reside in Metropolitan Detroit.Please join us in congratulating Mr. Kameron Finn as t.Lab’s student of the month!