Our Mission

Our mission is to create extraordinary academic achievement especially among urban students, to prepare them to assume leadership roles in careers as entrepreneurs, physicians, nurses, research scientists, and in other professions.

Our Vision

t.Lab seeks to become the world’s premier transformer of students by providing a superior educational experience and character building. Academic Ratings, Student Achievement, Student Demand, Community and Partner Ratings will measure this. Critical performance metrics for t.Lab students/parents are to realize Top 1% performances on ACT and SAT examinations including minimum median ACT and SAT scores of 33 and 1,550, respectively.
Founded in 2007, t.Lab is a high-performance learning laboratory in Garden City, MI for students from Pre-K through undergraduate.

Our Background

We are committed to making your child a part of the top 1% academic performers. t.Lab is a non-profit organization which operates accelerated learning centers for students in pre-kindergarten through undergraduate. We are driven to realize extraordinary academic achievements by leveraging a hybrid curriculum including Humanities, Leadership, Liberal Arts, and STEM disciplines. With t.Lab, you will be assured that you are setting your child up to be a success in whatever chosen field of career.

Our results speak for themselves. Research shows that one (1) hour of quality tutoring per week, combined with an average K-12 curriculum, should enable students to realize 3-5 completed grades per year. At t.Lab, we seek to provide each student a minimum of two (2) hours of quality tutoring each week. Our students average a range of 6-12 hours per week in academic development activity outside of their normal K-12 curriculum. Focusing on realizing extraordinary academic achievement among African American students, t.Lab students have realized a median ACT score of 30.7 and over $15M in academic scholarships since 2007. Our alumni have attended Kettering University, Spelman College, University of Michigan, Michigan State University, Lamar University, Western Michigan University, Northwestern University,  West Point, and Yale University among other venerable institutions.

We believe parental involvement directly impacts academic performance. Parent University is one of the most significant aspects of our program that provides tools to help parents track and improve their children’s academic progress. We offer guidance on Child Development, Academic Development, College Selection, Scholarship Development, and Career Development. At t.Lab, participation in the Parent University is a requirement among all parents or guardians. In fact, 95% of which who regularly engages in this feature is realizing targeted performance objectives from their children (e.g. General Point Average, American College Test Scores, college scholarships).

We have a network of the most experienced tutors and we utilize the most advanced tools for effective tutoring. All of our teachers are excellent in their respective fields and are firm believers of your child’s potential. Wherever you are in the US, you are guaranteed that your child is provided with quality and personalized services through face-to-face or virtual tutoring sessions.

Our Approach

We believe that a self-directed learner is “the best learner:” Therefore our model of learning and facilitation is predicated on each individual student “learning how to learn” and subsequently enabling a tremendous capacity for learning and development. This model is sustained through the use of computers and interactive learning systems. As well, our learning professionals facilitate the learning process, while motivating students to excel academically. We leverage mentoring and coaching models to exponentially accelerate student performance. Each student is exposed to a series of intellectual, mental, physical, and spiritual development models. One overall goal is to assist students in becoming authentic leaders with capacity to address the needs of community. Our customized curriculum is a hybrid model based ACT competencies, Wagner competencies, and our proprietary leadership model.

Our Challenge

Changes in culture, technology, and global marketplace are impacting economics in the United States especially in the fields of business and healthcare education. Historic perceptions about the capabilities and potential of students based in the United States continue to be a barrier to the accomplishment. This fact is compounded by a significant competition from youth within several developing nations including China and India. Students based in the United States must be prepared to compete in a global arena. Moreover, studies show that students are nowadays more technologically advanced than most teachers, putting instructors at a disadvantage in the classroom. If education and technology cannot be linked together, it proves to be difficult to keep the students’ attention and interest – thus the gap in learning. At t.Lab, our curriculum’s primary focus to overcome these challenges is to combine humanities, liberal arts and STEM disciplines with the help of the most advanced technology available today. We are confident that through this initiative, we will ensure that our students are prepared to collaborate successfully and compete across miles and cultures.

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