What is Technology Laboratory and Professional Development Center (t.Lab)?

Founded in 2007, t.Lab is a Detroit-based not for profit, high-performance learning laboratory that serves students in pre-kindergarten through undergraduate. Its mission is to create extraordinary academic achievement, especially among urban students, to prepare them to assume leadership roles in careers as entrepreneurs, physicians, nurses, research scientists and other professions.

What is accelerated learning?

Accelerated learning is a comprehensive strategy that allows students to progress through specific curricula at rates faster or ages younger than the norm. t.Lab’s goal is to propel all students to new levels of performance, whether they are already successful learners or need help to take their academic performance to the next level.

How does t.Lab accelerate learning?

We use data-driven technology programs and the support of experienced tutors to help accelerate learning. Our goal is for students to successfully complete three academic course loads (or grades) of math, reading, writing and language each year. For example, a second-grade student completing one year at t.Lab would operate at a fifth-grade level in math, reading, writing and language by the end of the year.

How does the program work?

After registering online, students work with the chief learning facilitator to design an individualized curriculum and course of study. The program strengthens academic skills in core subjects such as speed-reading and foreign language and also offers students the opportunity to pursue activities such as journalism and photography. t.Lab’s software applications evaluate and benchmark student achievement on an ongoing basis. Students may work as few or as many hours as they desire, but recommendations will be made according to the stated goals of the student and the parents.

How does t.Lab’s differ from traditional education and tutorial programs?

We focus on making sure students master each skill set within the curriculum. To do this effectively, we collect extensive data that other programs do not. For example, most national assessment tests are focused on outcome-based testing, which looks solely at performance at a specific point in time. Instead, our system makes continuous assessments to determine if the student is truly learning and mastering the skills needed for success. t.Lab strives to create an environment that nurtures and motivates the whole student.

What is t.Lab ’s curriculum?

Our Core Academic Programs are: Math, Advanced Math, English, Humanities, Reading, Science, Language, Computer Science, Advanced Computer Science, Public Speaking, Technology Skill Development and Certification, ACT Preparation, SAT Preparation, Study Skills Course, Calculator Training, Memory Training, Financial Laboratory and Bloomberg Training, Leadership Development, Mentorship, and Parent University.

How are tutors selected and trained?

Our tutors are individuals from a diverse background that demonstrate a high level of technical proficiency and skill in t.Lab’s competencies of English, Math, Reading and Science. They have an intense desire to assist and empower students with establishing and enhancing core academic skills, leadership competencies, and self-esteem using a formal “positive reinforcement behavioral” methodology. We offer additional training and support that enables them to successfully interact with our students on several levels.

What is the primary role of the tutors and how do they assist with learning?

The primary role of our tutors is to help students understand and grasp the real-life applications of the curriculum offered at t.Lab. On a daily basis, tutors interact directly with students, either in the lab or through WebEx, a Web-based content-delivery tool that allows the tutors to see what the students are working on, give input and answer questions.

Is there a fee to join t.Lab?

The Assessment Fee is $250.00 and is non-refundable. Enrollment requires a minimum three-month commitment. Tuition Fees are due the first of every month. The tuition fees for students are as follows:

Kindergarten – 5th Grade: $249 per month

6th – 8th Grade: $299 per month

9th – 12th Grade: $350 per month

Beyond 12th Grade is based on needs assessment. Fees are due the 1st of each month.

Are there any fundraising requirements?

Since 2007, t.Lab has hosted the Diversity and Multi-Cultural Golf Outing. The event honors community leaders with the Eagle Award for their leadership in the area of diversity. As well, since 2012 t.Lab hosts an annual Black Tie Ball. The Ball celebrates community leaders and students at the college, high school, middle school, and elementary school levels for excellence in academics and leadership. Starting 2019, t.Lab will also be conducting quarterly Symposiums on Media, Education, and Economics.

Are parents required to participate?

Yes. We understand that students cannot succeed on their own. They need tremendous support and encouragement from parents, mentors, administrators and tutors. Our model encourages and supports parental involvement and provides several avenues for participation, including training sessions and a yearly parent’s conference.

How do I enroll my student?

Visit t.Lab at www.tlab-global.com to complete an online registration form. After completing registration, an enrollment counselor will contact you to confirm your participation, assist you in making a one-time (non-refundable) assessment fee payment, schedule a parental orientation and student academic assessment session.

How are t.Lab’s centers equipped?

Our centers are equipped with state-of-the-art electronic equipment and software including: iMac computers, electronic whiteboards, 55-inch monitors, video conferencing capabilities and financial trading floor simulation (Bloomberg).

Where do the students work?

Students can work online from home, at an internet café or library, or can visit one t.Lab’s state-of-the-art computer lab. As many as 70 percent of t.Lab’s students work from home.

Where do students enrolled in the program come from?

t.Lab serves students from the U.S., Kenya, Nigeria, and the Philippines. The program is open to all students in pre-kindergarten through undergraduate.

Are future locations planned?

t.Lab is collaborating with other organizations to open centers in the following locations: Kettering University in Flint, Michigan and Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan.

What software applications are used?

We utilize several interactive software applications, from established companies with national track records to develop skills in our learners.

Is the program all year-round?

Yes. The academic school year is from September to September.

Are scholarships available?

Yes. Scholarships are available for those with demonstrated need.

How can I learn more?

If you are interested in learning more about t.Lab, please contact our team to receive a brochure.

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